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April 01, 2020 1 min read

For some women, putting on a bathing suit can become a little overwhelming and stressful... we get it ladies! Our goal at BLEU|ROD BEATTIEis to make every woman feel like a star, letting her confidence shine through! 

Making sure you’re wearing the right suit is much easier said than done, right?! We all come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well as personalities. Not only should you be picking the right suit for your body type, but letting your personality play a role is just as important!

Someone with a louder, more outgoing personality would probably feel more confident in a bolder print or color. Someone who is more reserved might feel better wearing colors that are on the cooler side: blues, greens, and light purples. That includes prints as well. Another great point to cooler colors (blues, greens, and lighter purples) are... they can be just as slimming as that staple we all have, our little black suit!

Don’t force it. We’re all guilty of it. We suggest ordering multiple styles and color ways, and trying them on in your home. That way you can style them up with accessories and see your look come to life! Trust yourself, you will know when you have found the winner!

Most importantly, we love being a part of these moments... so don’t forget to tag us @BleuRodBeattie !

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