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March 05, 2021 1 min read



Over twenty years in swimwear design and a record number of retail best-sellers (according to the NPD Group) have earned Rod Beattie the title of America's #1 Swimsuit Designer.  And after two decades of designing for two of the nation's top swimwear labels - La Blanca and Anne Cole Collection – Rod Beattie debuted his swimwear brand in 2010:  Bleu|Rod Beattie




Rod currently resides in the beautiful Pasadena area, where he is inspired and creates the Bleu|Rod Beattie masterpieces for any size, any age, any woman.  The design of your home can be an expression of yourself and builds a story through the colors and styles that you choose. Our homes are our havens, so when it comes down to it, they should reflect the people who live in them.  And that’s exactly what Rod has done. 


Take a peek at a few pictures that we captured from the original article published by the Los Angeles Times, " Indoor - Outdoor Splendor at designer Rod Beattie's Pasadena House," or click here to access the complete slide show.  


A mesmerizing visual experience.  


Expect something beautiful. # beboldbebleu.   


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