October 21, 2019


Traveling is always a fun opportunity no matter where the destination is. It can be a tropical location, more on the colder side, or maybe even a stay-cation. You're bound to have fun and a well-deserved escape from reality.

Although what's more perfect than having everything and more in one place? Traveling to an all-inclusive resort will make your next trip that much better.  

Here at Bleu, we want you to have the best time on your vacation. So, we're here to prepare you with what to expect at the resort and what to wear during your stay!


 Team Bleu wants to make sure you have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you arrive! 

All-inclusive resorts are normally located in places where vacationers may not explore outside of the resort. The resort should provide their guests with everything they need within that resort. This includes accommodations, activities, restaurants, entertainment, shops, spas, and a beach.   

 Take full advantage of what they have there for you. If it wasn't an all-inclusive resort, you would be spending tons of money on what's already included in your package. You're also there to experience things you don't see or do every day. So live in the moment and take advantage! 


The focus of your vacation should be on having fun and enjoying your time, not stressing about what to wear. Some resorts have a specific dress code that they'd like their guests to go by. They toss around words like “elegant casual” and “resort casual” which can make it a little confusing to know what to bring with you. Making sure that you're meeting the resorts dress code all while still trying to show off your sense of style is challenging. But no worries, we're here to help you make sense of the resorts dress code and know what to pack for it. 

Pack Versatile Options:  Pack pieces that can be styled in different ways, so you can dress them up or down if you have to. For example, for a stylish yet comfortable look, our white caftan can be dressed down for a day at the beach by pairing it with some sandals and a cute pair of sunglasses. It can also be dressed up for a night out by wearing it with a pair of fashionable flats and a light jacket. You can even wear a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts or a fun pattern during the day at the pool then put on a pair of jeans and flip flops for a more lowkey night. Our Plunge Strap 1 Piece in Loca Mocha or Sand Tropez is perfect for you if that's the look you're going for. 

Bring a Cute Cover Up:  Cover-ups are a vacation must-have! It'll not only give you that effortless look but also cover up your swimsuit as you walk around the resort. Or if your looking to dress up your cover-up try wearing a shirt dress. You can wear it with ankle strap sandals, your favorite purse and a pair of shorts. Our shirt dress in Coral Reef will really pop, keep you stylish but also comfortable. 

Your Comfort Comes First: We're sure you've packed a suitcase full of clothes and shoes that you thought were perfect for your trip. Then arrived at your destination to find that you didn't truly feel comfortable wearing them. We get it, you're on vacation and want to bring your best stuff with you, but that shouldn't mean to stray too far away from bringing pieces that you'll feel comfortable and confident in. Make sure you look and feel your best so you can genuinely enjoy your time during your getaway. We definitely recommend that you try on different outfits before you leave, this way you pack what makes you feel good in what you're wearing. You'll also want to bring pieces that will function well for the activities you may have planned.

The Perfect Swimsuits For Your Resort Getaway 







Just Remember To Have Fun! 

 Don’t get too caught up in the resorts dress code and embrace the opportunity to explore, travel, and take a break from your normal routine. When you pack your suitcase full of clothes that you feel fun, comfortable and confident in and can wear for different occasions, you’ll be set. You'll be on your way to a great trip at a stunning resort and make so many memories that you’ll cherish long after you’ve returned back home!

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