March 22, 2020 2 min read

The Pareo is one of our favorite accessories for your suit, especially if it matches! Not only does it allow you to style it in numerous ways, but it also polishes off your beach or poolside look. Take it from us, this is a must have for summer! Let’s break it down:

1. The Skirt

Probably the most common way is to wear your pareo, is by tying it around your hips and making a skirt. You have the option to make a longer version, think maxi length, or you can make it shorter and show off those Tina Turner legs! To make the shorter version, fold in half by the longer side. Now grab the top corners, wrap around the hips, and VOILA… you’ve made the mini version! 

2. The Strapless Dress

This look is simple and easy! Start off with the pareo behind your back, just like you would wrap a towel around yourself; take the top corners and tie in front of your chest. Don’t worry… we will teach you below how to make the best knot! We love this look because the front slit adds a little sexiness to your look, while keeping your hips and butt covered.


3. The Halter Dress

Very similar to the strapless dress, but here you’re going to add a twist! Step 1 will be the same as above, start off with your pareo behind your back and pull corners to your front. Twist right over left so you create a twist on your décolleté, then take the ends around your neck and tie off! Another fabulous look for your day in the sun!

4. The Knot Tie

We always want to try and keep both tails down on our knots. Super easy, right over left, and then left over right. Sometimes you have to mess with the knot a little by pulling it down so it lays flat.

You can now go off and show the world you’re a pareo-tying expert! Good luck and don’t forget to tag us in your fabulous BLEU looks!




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